Marvel Cosplay Covers 2016 - Scarlet Witch #10

Marvel Cosplay Covers 2016 - Scarlet Witch #10

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First of all, I'm so excited that Marvel is bringing back the Cosplay Covers this year! It's such a generous and cool gesture toward the cosplay community, from such a behemoth of a company. It's the ultimate thumbs up, to one of their most devoted fanbases. 

I'm incredibly grateful to be a part of the 2016 Cosplay Variant Cover Series again. I made a whole new costume, for the opportunity, and because I absolutely adore Wanda. The re-design of her costume is so beautiful, and allowed me to play with embroidery as well as wire/jewelry work. 

The photo was taken by Brian Boling, and the entire Series is produced by Judith Stephens.

My variant cover is for Scarlet Witch #10, and will be released in a few weeks. If you want a copy, please plan ahead and let your local comic shop know! There is only one cosplay cover comic book in each box, so your comic dealer has to order enough to have the cosplay cover in stock. 

I realized that I only wrote about my Inhumans cover from 2015 on FB, never on my blog, and I wanted to give an extra big Shout Out to Judy for doing so much work on both runs of the Cosplay Covers series. There is so much organization, communication, and paperwork involved, before any cover can be created. Judy took every photo for the 2015 covers, and all but 1 for this year. She also was the point of contact for all cosplayers, and had to organize location space, studio space, and manage everyone's schedule, as well as get all of their costumes approved!

Judy photograhed me in my Medusa costume, for Inhumans #1.

I'm so thankful for this opportunity, and hope that those of you, who snagged an Inhumans Variant cover are enjoying it. And of course, that we all can get our hands on the cosplay covers this year! Thank you again, Marvel!

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