New Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial video!

New Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial video!

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Welp! I made another makeup tutorial
Watch it HERE!

You seemed to really like the last one, and there were a lot of questions, so this tutorial is all about EYES!
This is a glam look that I would wear for a holiday party or an on-screen interview! It's more intense than every day makeup, but not as dramatic as (my) cosplay makeup.

I rigged up a super ghetto lighting set up in my sewing room, and used my little vlog camera, so I apologize for unfocused frames and inconsistent lighting. I ordered new gear, so my next videos should look a lot more professional! 
This is still a brand new world for me!

Please subscribe if you like these kinds of videos! It's greatly motivational for me to make more (so time consuming omgaaarr)!

I will try to upload a new video every week, while my schedule allows it!

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