New Sewing Machine and Embroidery Tools!

New Sewing Machine and Embroidery Tools!

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I've never unpacked anything more beautiful in my home.

The B580 from Bernina is a dream sewing and embroidery machine! It's about as big of a monster as I can handle in my home studio! (Honestly, this is beyond anything I could ever have imagined to be working on, when I got into cosplay.) Along with it, I got the Embroidery 7 - Designer Plus Software, and the full Bernina DesignWorks set (which allows you to do cutwork, paint work, and crystal work agfjkqhfff!). 
Aaaaand, there is still one special box I haven't opened yet, but I maxed out my brain processing power for one day, lol!

For a sewing enthusiast, this is the full arsenal of tools! The holy grail of creative assistance! For 16 years, I have sewn on low to low mid range of sewing machines. Believe me, an entry level machine works just fine - I have made many costumes on one. But, I am pretty rough on my machines, and as my skills and creative spectrum expand, so does my need for a professional sewing studio. This upgrade is several years overdue. I am the most excited about learning and implementing new embellishing techniques, as well as enjoying smoother, faster, more efficient sewing!

I've been playing with these babies for a whole day now, and will report back with more info and findings! Many of you have asked me what machines I sew with. I'm proud to be a Bernina Girl, and can't wait to share my crafting adventures on the 580 with you all!

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